How much information do you need to retain from your pre-requisite classes?

Sarah DeRose, Class of 2006
You will get everything again, but it is good to learn the information during your prerequisites. They definitely help. Physiology, Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and pharmacology are the ones you should focus on.

Matthew Kenny, Class of 2006
It is very helpful if you can retain knowledge from your human sciences, such as: anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. They are what you build on in the first semester and subsequently will make your year easier if you are well versed in them.

Steven Heckel, Class of 2004
Pre-requisite classes as an undergraduate are very important. The information obtained in courses such as Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Physics (partially), Microbiology, and Chemistry is invaluable. This knowledge will be revisited over and over again in later graduate work. Overall, considering which profession you decide to pursue it can range anywhere from 60-80%. 

Kurt VanderVeen, Class of 2004
Retain as much as possible from pathophysiology because the first year is basically all that information in more detail. Having the basics there is really helpful. Anatomy is another big one. In order to correctly dx your patients you need a good background in anatomy (Dr. Marks is really big into that). You can forget everything about organic and most of biochem(we haven't used much Biochem yet but we might later¿I don't know).

Becky Eversdyk, Class of 2004
I think you should have a good working knowledge of human anatomy & physiology. This will help you a lot, especially when you take regional anatomy your first fall semester.

Catherine Hallenbeck, Class of 2003
As much as you possibly can, especially from pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Kelly Schweiger, Class of 2003
It would be great if you could retain it all, but let's be realistic. The pre-req classes that you should retain info from are anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. You can always look up info that you've forgotten in your spare time. Keep your old notes from the pre-req classes for references.

Judy Herbolsheimer, Class of 2002
I think the more that you can retain from pre-requisite classes the better. If you don't retain a lot you are going to spend a lot of time relearning stuff that you should already know. This is very important in things like pharmacology and anatomy and physiology/pathophysiology. If you remember how it works then the disease processes and treatments all make much more sense. If not you are getting the old notebooks and textbooks out and rereading the information a lot. (I found myself doing this quite often...wish I knew this beforehand)

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