How hard are the classes?

How hard are the classes?

Sarah DeRose, Class of 2006
If you study, you will pass. It's as simple as that.

Matthew Kenny, Class of 2006
The courses are difficult. They demand a lot of study time, and good time management skills, because you are trying to tackle so many at one time. It is possible though, it just takes a strong will and a strong mind.

Regina Kline, Class of 2005
Some are more fun than they are difficult; and others will challenge you everyday you sit in class.

Becky Eversdyk, Class of 2004
You can do fine if you study. The classes are not impossible to pass. Some of the PA classes are easier than others. The key is to study and put enought time into studying and you can do fine.

Steven Heckel, Class of 2004
Classes are only as difficult as you make them. It's really easy to get behind in the graduate courses. Graduate classes are not really difficult, they are just a reorganizing of the and expansion of the pre-requisite classes you've already had for the most part. If you learned the material well the first time around, any new material will be a breeze.

Kurt VanderVeen, Class of 2004
The classes aren't easy. Granted some of the classes are blow off classes but most aren't. They do require quite a bit of studying but you learn so muchit's amazing. You look back on the past year and you are amazed at how much you have learned over one year.more than the past 4 years combined (for me at least)

Catherine Hallenbeck, Class of 2003
This depends on your point of view. The classes themselves are not hard if you did well in undergrad. The hardest thing is assimilating the sheer volume of information that comes at you.

Kelly Schweiger, Class of 2003
They are not that hard. They could be worse. The only tough part of the PA program is finding the time to read.

Judy Herbolsheimer, Class of 2002
I don't think the classes are too hard. They are PACKED with information and sometimes it seems like you can't remember all of that. That's why I said what I did for question number one. Really it is like normal classes with a bit more reading and a bit more studying. If you are used to just knowing things by attending lecture and not reading and not researching and studying on your own you will be in trouble.