Do you have assignments/projects to work on during Christmas vacation and Spring Break, or do you get a real vacation?

Sarah DeRose, Class of 2006
No, not unless you want to get ahead. I would recommend to relax b/c you need time off.

Matthew Kenny, Class of 2006
During the space from Fall to Winter it is helpful if you can get organized, and revisit some of the things you learned in the Fall. It will help the Winter semester start earlier, and prevent you from falling behind, which is a HUGE mistake in the Winter semester.

Regina Kline, Class of 2005
The only time there may be something to work on over break is the research project and that would be up to your group.

Becky Eversdyk, Class of 2004
After the first semester in the fall we really didn't have to much if any homework over break. The same went for after our second semester - no homework.

Steven Heckel, Class of 2004
The research thesis/project will or could cramp you break to a degree. For the most part, the faculty are sensitive to making sure you have a little breathing space and try to schedule work loads around breaks. Occasional time could be needed to complete work depending the students work/study habits.

Kurt VanderVeen, Class of 2004
I can't give you an average for every day but I would say that I start studying a week in advance and probably study 2-3 hrs a night so about 14hrs for a test. That's some of the clinical medicine tests¿not all are like that. But remember you need at least an 80% to pass the test. It's best to start early–trust me–it's no fun cramming the last minute thinking that you might be remediating the test later(you have to outline the important chapters on the clin. Med topic, can be around 30pages). Most people pass though.

Catherine Hallenbeck, Class of 2003
The only assignment that carries from one semester to the other is your research project. And you can control how you spend your time on that. So you do get a real vacation.

Kelly Schweiger, Class of 2003
Vacation - what's that? Again, it depends on how comfortable you are with the material and whether or not you've mastered it. I always devote some of my vacation time to studying and preparing for the next challenge. Some of my classmates don't. It's up to you. There aren't assignments over the breaks.

Judy Herbolsheimer, Class of 2002
During the didactic part of the program you will get a normal Christmas vacation because it is between semesters (but this is a good time to work on reseach so you don't get behind). You also get spring break off just like undergraduate....but if you want it for a real vacation you had better get ahead on your reading and hope no exams fall on the week you get home. When you get on clinical rotations those breaks are a thing of the past. You are in the real working world (unless your preceptor takes a vacation and then you may or may not get some time off).

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