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To offer information and efficient customer service resulting in a positive parking experience for the University community.


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Grand Valley is a permit only campus. If you are coming to either of our campuses (Allendale or Pew Campus) during business hours, you will need a permit. Please check The Parking 411 for additional information and times, unless you choose to pay and park at meters or pay stations. Permits are available to guests of students at no cost at the following locations: Allendale Campus - Public Safety (Service Building -just south of the Alumni House) and Pew Campus - Pew Security (102 Eberhard Center). Starting in the Fall of the 2016-2017 academic year, temporary permits for students will cost $6.00 per day.

Faculty/Staff lots, designated spaces, meters and pay stations are enforced year round.

Feel free to contact us for your questions and parking permit needs at 616-331-PARK(7275).

Parking Services Hours of Operation 


Residents in Faculty/Staff and Commuter Lots - NO OVERNIGHT PARKING

Lot D1-D3 is a reserved Faculty/Staff only lot and does not accommodate overnight parking.  D1-D3 is being closed for multiple GVSU Events starting Thursday (8/25).  All Residents parking in D1-D3 will need to immediately move their vehicles out of the Faculty/Staff reserved lot and into Lot D4-D9. There are plenty of open and available spaces available for residents in D7-D8, a Residential Permit is required.  Residents parked in FS or Commuter lots need to move their vehicles today or risk a $25 - $35 citation.  Those vehicles that remain in D1-D3 risk being towed.

Lot C - Please move your vehicle to Lot D4-D9
Lot H - Please move your vehicle to Lot J
Lot K-West - Please move to Lot J, P, R or GVA
Lot K-East - Please move your vehicle to either Lot J, P, R or GVA
Lot M - Please move your vehicle to either Lot J, P, R or GVA

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 616-331-PARK (7275)

Alumni Parking Ambassadors 2016

Alumni Parking Ambassadors 2016

Awesome alumni are finding a way to give back and interact with the Lakers of the future by being Alumni Parking Ambassadors.  Say hello to Michael and Joy Freude both of the class of 1973.  Their smiling faces will be interacting and sharing parking information throughout Move-In with families and students new or returning to GVSU.  They have maps of campus and knowledge to share on where available parking is and where permits are being sold.  Stop by and say HI!


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