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Schedule of Events

COMING SOON: 2016-17 Schedule will be posted this summer!

We are working on the PACES schedule for 2016-17. A full schedule will be posted this summer.

Workshops will be held on Saturdays in the University Club (107C) in DeVos Building C on the Grand Rapids campus unless otherwise noted.

A light breakfast and boxed lunch will be provided at all workshops. Registration is FREE for graduate students currently enrolled at GVSU.

If you are in need of any accommodations to participate in a PACES workshop, please contact Jennifer Palm at for assistance.






10:00 am - 4:00 pm                                    

Graduate Boot Camp: Introduction to Life as a Graduate Student

We will discuss accessing resources as a graduate student, getting involved in graduate student life, finding and developing a mentor relationship, preparing for oral and poster presentations, and getting the most out of professional conferences. We will also cover writing thesis and dissertation projects and covering process of Ph.D. programs from admission to completion.



10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Financial Literacy and Funding Opportunities for Graduate Education

Speakers from GVSU's Financial Aid Office and Edward Jones will discuss budgeting and debt management during and after graduate school, as well as making smart money decisions in your post-graduate life. Also learn about the world of grant writing and fund development, two key resources for graduate students. Finally, we will look at student research, and how you can secure funding to complete your research at GVSU as well as present your work at conferences. We will also discuss copyright considerations and publication funding through the University Library. This workshop will be interactive and informative and include a panel of faculty researchers.



10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Life After Graduation: Starting a Career in Tomorrow's World

Specific topics to be covered include interview skills, resume and cover letter reviews, contract negotiations, and using social media while searching for a job. This workshop will feature on-site resume reviewers who can speak with you individually about your resume. We will also cover long-term career planning, adjusting to life after graduation, and preparing for tomorrow's career environment.



10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Beyond Being an Ally: Balancing Advocacy and Professionalism

We will discuss being an ally and how to balance professionalism and advocacy. Our interactive panel will feature a diverse group of speakers who will discuss their experiences in this area. We will also cover ethical considerations of scholarly information and research. Other topics for this session will include professionalism and etiquette, empathetic leadership, and conflict resolution. Join us as we look at how social issues can influence our workplace, and how we can best prepare ourselves to be effective in a professional environment. 



How to Survive a Golf Outing

Please join us at The Meadows for a unique opportunity to be introduced to the culture and experience of a golf outing! How to Survive a Golf Outing: Learning the culture, social habits, and opportunities for networking and business surrounding the game.

Golf outings are frequent special social events in many companies, enjoyable occasions for fund raising for charities and non-profit groups, and a great way to network. Where else would you get a leisurely 4 hours to make friends, connections, and gain access to advance your company, cause, or yourself while playing a recreational game? Where else would you have the opportunity to be in a casual setting with your boss or a potential business partner for that length of time? This special event is designed for the novice/inexperienced golfer and will cover dress, basic golf etiquette, golf fundamentals, and the networking/business opportunities that the game provides, with the goal of preparing you to navigate a golf outing with confidence and knowledge of what to do, how to dress and conduct yourself to make the most of this networking opportunity. The day will start with 2 hours of instruction and tips, followed by a luncheon, and then a 4-person, 9-hole scramble to experience what a golf outing feels like. The cost for this workshop is $25 which includes your lunch and golf expenses; bring your own clubs if possible. If you don’t have golf clubs, please email