Professional Development for Graduate Students

The PACES program workshops and events support you in pursuing your graduate degree and prepares you for real-world professional situations and environments - whether already working in your career or planning to soon. PACES professional development is a voluntary, co-curricular program designed to help graduate students gain non-disciplinary skills for success through, and beyond, their education.  Past topics include critical conversations, cultural sensitivity, debt management/financial planning and optimizing your resume.

Events are facilitated by experts in their fields and can include presentations, workshops, panels, golf outings and networking, online modules and other web-based resources, all integrating information and training for your success.

Schedule of Workshops 2014 - 2015

Professionalism - Resume, Attire; Career planning; Interviewing; Salaries; Conflict Management. Click for more information


Advancement - Doctoral Education; Thesis/Dissertation writing; Teaching higher education. Click for more information



Communication - Presentation Skills; Email etiquette; Employee Communication; International Relations. Click for more information


Engagement - Networking, Mentoring; Cultural Competency; Diversity in the workplace. Click for more information.


Success - Stress Management; Creating/maintaining positive relationships;Financial planning, Insurance; Life after graduate school. Click for more information


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