Bike Rentals

Rental Bike

Rental Basics

What's Included

Each rental includes:

  • Refurbished Bicycle
  • Heavy Duty U-Lock or Cable Lock
  • GVSU Bike Permit
  • Free Maintenance
  • Use of the Free Compressed Air Stations (Allendale Campus)
    • CON (Connection) - East side of building near the bike racks
    • SUB (South Utilities Building) - Off Lot N.

Please note that our bikes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will do our best to get you on the bike of your dreams but we cannot guarantee we'll have it in stock.

Bike Shop location map

Valid after September 10, 2017


Our rental headquarters is located at the Laker Village Apartment south community center (LVS) until September 1, 2017.  Beginning September 11, we will be located at the Grand Valley Apartments (GVA) community center.  When open, the shop can be accessed from the East side of the building.


Visit the LVS office during any of our Self-Service times.  Our hours are likely to be different each semester.  Please see the Hours of Operation tab for the most accurate information.  Due to the size of our available storage space at our office, we typically have no more than a handful of bikes available at any given time.  More may be available and if so, will be stored nearby.


The rental process is a snap!  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Show up to one of our open hours
  2. Select a bike & give it a short test ride. 
  3. Fill out the Rental Form (provided on-site)  Be prepared to supply the following information:
  • Student ID/ G Number
  • Email Address
  • Local Address
  • Phone Number


Rental Duration


Up to 7 Days


* Semester



The Bike Shop is setup to accept payments via cash, check, & student account.  The majority of payments for rentals are accepted via student account.


The Bike Shop strongly prefers that all payments be handled directly through your student account.  

Faculty & Staff

After you have selected a bike from the shop, you may pay in cash or check at the shop or use the button below to pay for your rental.  This option is only available to GVSU faculty/ staff and requires your network username & password. The information collected will only be used to match your payment with the Bike Shop records.  

Pay Now

* Due to their shorter duration, Spring & Summer are considered a single semester.


All semester rentals must be returned to the Bike Shop before the end of final exam week.  Renters are strongly encouraged to drop-off their bike during any of the regular hours of operations.  If unable to visit during those time, the Bike Shop should be contacted at least 1 week prior to the end of the semester to coordinate an alternative drop-off time.  The renter is not required to be present for a return.  Friends or family are welcome to return a rental if the Renter is unavailable to do so.

Rentals not returned by the end of the semester will be charged the Short-Term rental rate until returned.  After 2 weeks the rental is considered lost/ stolen & additional fees will apply.


Renters may extend their rental up to 1 semester at a time. Renters who wish to extend their rental are required to bring their bike to the shop before the current due date in order to update the Rental Agreement and also to allow the Bike Shop staff to perform a tune-up and any other needed maintenance.  This regular preventative maintenance helps ensure that the bike remains safe and reliable for an additional semester & increases its overall lifespan in the fleet.

Bicycle Issues


If you experience a breakdown or your bike develops a mechanical issue that leaves it in less than a satisfactory state, please send an email with the following information to  name, date, preferred method of return contact (phone/ email), detailed description of the issue, & current location of the bike

Maintenance issues that are deemed to be due to normal use/ wear will be fixed free of charge as quickly as possible (flat tire, brake adjustments, etc...).  Due to the variety of bicycles in the rental inventory, parts for each bike may not be in stock and may take 2-3 business days to obtain.  If this is the case, we will gladly loan out a different bike (if available) while yours is being fixed.  Renters are responsible for all maintenance costs deemed to be caused by negligence or abuse.

Lost U-Lock Key

  1. Please send an email to with your name and preferred contact information.  A new key, if available, will be provided for a fee of $5.

Please note that GVSU cannot reproduce the keys to your lock.


  1. Contact the OAC for your bike info/ permit #.  
  2. Contact Public Safety to submit a police report.  

Because each rental includes a heavy duty U-lock, refunds & replacements are not issued for lost or stolen bikes.  

Page last modified August 28, 2017