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Further Resources on Creating a Poster

How to Make a Great Poster 
Design suggestions regarding layout, formatting, and color selection are shared on this American Society of Plant Biologists education site.

Introduction: Poster Sessions 
This university writing guide is a great place to start when faced with a poster assignment. Straight-forward instructions and guidance along with examples and additional resources steer tenderfeet and veterans in effective design.

Poster and Podium Presentation
From the Northern Arizona University School of Nursing, this site discusses the presentation of a research report, describes two means of presenting research at a professional meeting, explores steps in publishing a journal article, and reinforces the responsibility for preparing a research report for a grant-funded study.

Preparing Professional Scientific Posters 
This poster minicourse provides a bullet list for start-to-finish poster design guidance.

Tips for Effective Poster Presentations 
The U.S. Department of Energy site provides a rather comprehensive document series on effective poster design, including a Guidelines for Preparation of Online Poster Presentations

Advice on Designing Scientific Posters 
This comprehensive resource introduces the poster concept, defines the different sections found on a poster, and provides a bibliography. Several examples are shown.