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Sharon Gardner ACF Abstract FY10

Student Conference Attendance: Bridging the Gap between School and the Professional World

Conference Name: Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning

Session Type: Round Table


Abstract: Upon graduation, Public Administration students are often unaware of the struggles they will face in their profession.  Public administration educators have a vested interest in encouraging their students to attend or present at academic conferences in order to help their students make connections between school and the professional world.  Conferences serve as an arena for students to meet and mingle with experienced professionals who can provide valuable insight about the interworkings of the field of PA.


Objectives: The School of Public and Nonprofit Administration at Grand Valley State University is developing a program which will encourage students to present at academic conferences.  The three major goals of this program are:  1) Improve students’ abilities to communicate by presenting research they have performed on a topic relating to public administration, 2) Have students gain greater insight into field of public and non-profit administration by attending conference presentations, 3) Facilitate networking between students and public administrators at academic conferences.