2014 Scholar: Ray Jeroso

A Fight So Impassioned: The Struggle Over School Consolidation in Michigan, 1950-1970

This project examines the discussions and changes that occurred in Michigan during the 1960s concerning school consolidation. The issue of merging schools has been a heated topic in the United States since the creation of public schools. The merging of school districts in Michigan completely changed the schools and their communities and how they interacted. However, there has been little discussion in the historical community about the decisions made and the policies implemented as well as their lasting impact on the schools and their communities. Additionally, the project analyzes factors such as urban, rural, suburban settings, and race and their relationship to school consolidation. The research draws upon primary sources such as legislative documents from the Archives of Michigan as well as newspaper articles from various school districts. Examining the existing literature has suggested that various factors feed into the issue of school consolidation.

Faculty Mentor: Matthew Daley, History


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