2014 Scholar: Alicia Flores

Determination of Palatal Bone Density to Aid in Oral Mini-Implant Success

Mini-implants are titanium alloy rods implanted in the bone of the hard palate to help secure dental prostheses like dentures, fixed crowns, and bridge installations. Recent research suggests presurgical determination of bone density quality provides increased mini-implant surgical success rates. In replication of these methods, we evaluated 19 living individual CT scans from Saint Mary’s Hospital, using OsiriX 8.5 imaging software. Bone density was recorded at 90 separate coordinates using Hounsfield units, measured at three millimeter intervals (mediolaterally and anteroposteriorly starting at the incisive foramen.) The data was then analyzed for age differences and average bone density throughout different regions of the hard palate including intra- and interobserver analysis. Because researchers have indicated that women may have a palatal bone density than men, sex difference were closely investigated in this study.

Faculty Mentor: James Reed, Biomedical Science


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