2013 Student Summer Scholars

Abigail Carlson

  • "Exercise Induced Neurogenesis Using A Crayfish Model System"
  • Faculty Mentor: Dan Bergman

Holly Cassell

  • "Reviving German-American Musical Culture: The Works of William Henry Pommer"
  • Faculty Mentor: Lisa Feurzeig

Christopher Churches

  • "Geomorphic Characterization of the Grand River near Grand Rapids: Baseline Data Collection and Predicted Dam Removal Effects"
  • Faculty Mentor: Peter Wampler

Jozlyn Clasman

  • "Structural analysis of β-lactamase/drug complexes"
  • Faculty Mentor: Dave Leonard

Jacob Dec

  • "Assessing the light requirements for E3 complex assembly in Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • Faculty Mentor: Matthew Christians

Alexander Fisch

  • "Effect of telomerase inhibitors on malignant breast cancer cells"
  • Faculty Mentor: Osman Patel

Vincent Gasparotto

  • "Detection of Hdc deletions generated by transposon excision in Drosophila"
  • Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg

Julia Gjebic

  • "A Study of Oboe Reeds"
  • Faculty Mentors: Karen Gipson & Marlen Vavrikova 

Breanna Gould

  • "A landscape genetic analysis of eastern box turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina)"
  • Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Moore

John Gravelyn, MS3

  • "The Trainer Project"
  • Faculty Mentor: John Farris

Danielle Harris

  • "Polymer-Nanoparticle Interactions Studied with Positrons"
  • Faculty Mentor: Richard Vallery

Rachel Hughart

  • "Kit Production and Survival From Birth Through Independence of American Marten in West Michigan"
  • Faculty Mentors: Paul Keenlance & Joseph Jacquot

Lisa Keeney

  • "Creating a Performing Edition of Sousa Opera"
  • Faculty Mentor: Kevin Tutt

David Leestma

  • "The Administration of the Hajj: An Analysis of the operation and logistics of the Islamic Pilgrimage"
  • Faculty Mentor: Sebastian Maisel

Kayla Lockmiller, MS3

  • "TOC, C/N, δN15, and δC13 of Shales from the Mississippian Michigan Formation, Western Michigan"
  • Faculty Mentor: Patricia Videtich

Andrea Morrow

  • "An analysis of tibia of Paralouatta varoni, an extinct primate from Cuba"
  • Faculty Mentor: Melissa Tallman

Alice Munday, MS3

  • "'Such is War': Union Surgeon George M. Trowbridge and the Personal Perils of Slavery and Race in the American Civil War"
  • Faculty Mentor: Scott Stabler

Jessica Pontow

  • "The effects of extra-pair copulations on the sexual transmission of microbes in Tree Swallows"
  • Faculty Mentors: Michael Lombardo & Patrick Thorpe

Aula Ramo

  • "Can drugs for Alzheimer's disease be of benefit in glaucoma?"
  • Faculty Mentor: David Linn

Mitchell Roth

  • "The role of CBL10 in stamen development in Arabidopsis"
  • Faculty Mentor: Margaret Dietrich

Max Spencer

  • "A bioassessment of the butterflies and leafhoppers of the rare alvar ecosystem of the Maxton Plains Preserve"
  • Faculty Mentor: James Dunn

Aubriana Spenski, MS3

  • "Mechanisms of American Marten Kit Independence and Dispersal in West Michigan"
  • Faculty Mentors: Joseph Jacquot & Paul Keenlance

Jordan Straight

  • "A Tale of Two Cities: Concluding analysis of Nato3 function in the midbrain and investigation of Nato3 regulation by phosphorylation in the developing embryo"
  • Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor

Hollister Swanson, Koeze Fellow

  • "Structure/function studies that identify an inhibitor of the class C beta-lactamase, ADC-7"
  • Faculty Mentor: Brad Wallar

Marissa Swartz

  • "Economic Context and Civic Engagement: the Effects of  Localism  in Four Michigan Cities"
  • Faculty Mentor: Whitt Kilburn

Adam Terwilliger, MS3

  • "Do We Need to Analyze Spectra by Hand?"
  • Faculty Mentor: Richard Lord

Jared Toogood

  • "Identifying The Anatomical Traits Most Important To The Distribution Of Lower-Trunk Epiphytes In El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico"
  • Faculty Mentor: Gary Greer

Josephine Werner, MS3

  • "Novel inhibitors for class D β-lactamases"
  • Faculty Mentor: Rachel Powers

Noah Zucker

  • "Effect Of Fatty Acid Structure On Endothelial Cell Connexin 43 Levels"
  • Faculty Mentor: David Kurjiaka