2012 Student Summer Scholars

Danielle Bradke

  • “Den Site Characteristics and Kit Survival of American Marten in West Michigan”
  • Faculty Mentors: Paul Keenlance & Joseph Jacquot

Tami Brown

  • “Using DNA Barcoding for Plant Identification in a Long-term Prairie Restoration Study”
  • Faculty Mentor: Neil MacDonald

Brittany Cooke

  • “Generation of Diffraction Gratings Using Photographic Film”
  • Faculty Mentor: Richard Vallery

Brianne Docter

  • “Probing the Binding Site in the Antibiotic Resistance Enzyme, AmpC β-lactamase”
  • Faculty Mentor: Brad Wallar

Samantha Ellis

  • “Macromolecular Assemblies for Gas Storage from Dynamic Bonds”
  • Faculty Mentor: Andrew Korich

Jessica Franks

  • “Comparison of Constructed vs. Natural Wetlands”
  • Faculty Mentor: Eric Snyder

Danielle Grimm

  • “Using Artificial Breeding of Eurasian and Northern Watermilfoils to Study the Evolutionary Ecology of Herbicide Resistance”
  • Faculty Mentor: Ryan Thum

Anthony Hage

  • “Detection of 6xHis Labeled HDC Protein in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Faculty Mentors: Martin Burg & Debra Burg

José Jiménez

  • “The Young Lords in Lincoln Park”
  • Faculty Mentor: Melanie Shell-Weiss

Kip-Chumba Kaitany

  • “Biochemical Investigations of a High-Threat Family of β-lactamases”
  • Faculty Mentor: Dave Leonard

Joshua Lee

  • “Screening the Effects of Gene Overexpression on Markers of Neural Progenitor Differentiation in the Developing Chick Midbrain”
  • Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor

Jackie Main

  • “Exploring the Effects of Self-affirmation”
  • Faculty Mentor: Amanda Dillard

Danielle Maryanski

  • “Novel MADS-box genes isolated from the gymnosperm cones of Ephedra and Juniper
  • Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Winther

Michael Peruzzi

  • “Synthesis of Tripodal CMPO Compounds for Heavy Metal Chelation”
  • Faculty Mentor: Shannon Biros

Jeremy Peshl

  • “Explorations in Sonoluminescence”
  • Faculty Mentor: Karen Gipson

Kira Smith-Butland

  • “Untitled Michigan Horror Script”
  • Faculty Mentor: Austin Bunn

Christopher Stretton

  • “The Testing of GV Derivatives for Antibacterial Activity in the Presence of Human Serum Protein”
  • Faculty Mentor: Roderick Morgan

Jessica Thoe

  • “Characterizing Protein-Protein Interactions for Accurate Cell Division in Fission Yeast”
  • Faculty Mentor: Dawn Clifford Hart

Angela Tramontelli

  • “Putting Michiganese on the Map: A Study in Perceptual Dialectology”
  • Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Remlinger

Sarah VanOeveren

  • “Germline Clonal Analysis of the delorean Mutation in Drosophila melanogaster”
  • Faculty Mentor: Georgette Sass

William Waalkes

  • “Pollutant Effects on Neurophysiological Recordings from Sensory And Motor Neurons Of The Crayfish”
  • Faculty Mentor: Daniel Bergman