Lena Drake

The Edible Body, a poetry chapbook: Food and Sex as Pleasure, Disorder, and Commodity

Food and sexuality are linguistically and culturally linked, especially through society's representations and perceptions of human bodies and experiences. The Edible Body explores the intersectionality of food and sex, through merged or juxtaposed poems about the pleasure, disorder, and commodity of the two topics. The feminist question of how bodies are viewed in terms of food and sex is proposed, especially with regard to women's bodies as consumable. The form of poetry is used to express researched knowledge-- including extensive readings and structured interviews with food and sex workers-- in terms of emotions and the small details of individual lives.

Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Blumreich, English


Lena presented at the National Women's Studies Association Conference 2010 November 11-14, 2010 in Denver, CO.

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