Kelsey Crowley

Serotonin and histamine localization in the larval CNS of Drosophila melanogaster

The function of histamine in the Drosophila nervous system is relatively unknown. Using immunohistochemistry, the goal of this project is to compare the pattern of histamine-containing cells to that of serotonin-containing cells in the central nervous system at the larval stage. The flies used for this experiment are transgenic and contain pHdc-eGFP, which has previously shown colocalization of histamine and GFP. This enables us to identify histamine-containing cells without using the histamine antibody, which is difficult to use in combination with other antibodies. Thus using fluorescence microscopy, we are able to compare the pattern of histamine-containing cells and serotonin-containing cells using a serotonin antibody and GFP expression.

Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg, Biomedical Sciences

Page last modified July 15, 2010