2008 Student Summer Scholars

Andrew Belliner
"Graphics Processor-Based Implementation of Bioinformatics Codes"
Mentors: Greg Wolfe and Christian Trefftz, Computer Science

Brittany Benson
"Defining specific protein interactions in Diaphanous-related Formins: an essential step in the development of a potential anti-cancer drug"
Mentor: Brad Wallar, Chemistry

Rebecca Bolen
"The Marriage of Rosine: Discourses on Women in the Plays of Beaumarchais"
Mentor: David Eick, French Studies

Laura Dahmer
"Determination of Energy Expenditure at Rest and during Exercise in Pregnant Women"
Mentors: Dawn Coe and Brian Hatzel, Movement Science

Michelle Frasco
"Overcoming barriers in geoscience education at the elementary level"
Mentor: Pablo Llerandi-Roman, Geology

Emily Henk
"Identifying lactic acid bacteria in Michigan cherry wines"
Mentor: Margaret Dietrich, Biology

Derek Janssens
"Discovering New Signaling Pathways that Regulate Neural Stem Cell Differentiation Into Glia"
Mentor: Merritt Taylor, Biomedical Sciences

Kevin Maupin
"Novel Indane Derivatives as Regulators of TAAR Activity"
Mentor: Matthew Hart, Chemistry

Elise Miller
"Determination of epitope-labeled Hdc gene expression in transgenic flies of Drosophila"
Mentor: Martin Burg, Biomedical Sciences

Brandon Moblo
"Hysteria, Trauma and the Concept of Masculinity in France, 1914-1930"
Mentor: Jason Crouthamel, History

Dennis Nagelkirk
"Mural, Painting, and Art Education Project with African Refugees and the African Center of Grand Rapids"
Mentor: Ed Wong-Ligda, Art and Design

Connie Pan
"Kinana hale: An investigation into tropical and desert environments that shape our notion of home and self"
Mentor: Nicole Walker, Writing

April Russell
"The Puzzling Mathematics of Sudoku"
Mentor: Shelly Smith, Mathematics

Kyle Schneider
"Structure/function studies of an enzyme involved in bacterial resistance to penicillin-class antibiotics"
Mentor: David Leonard, Chemistry

Carrie Schoenborn
"Mural, Painting, and Art Education Project with African Refugees and the African Center of Grand Rapids"
Mentor: Jill Eggers, Art and Design

Andrew Sisson
"Spring Flow, Bacterial Contamination, and Fresh Water Resources in the vicinity of Verrettes, Haiti"
Mentor: Peter Wampler, Geology

M. Ben Stacey
"Dispersal and Gene Flow of an Invasive Fish in Lake Michigan"
Mentors: Carl Ruetz III and Ryan Thum, Annis Water Resource Institute

Norrissa Thomas
"Examination of crayfish biodiversity and distribution within the Grand River, Michigan"
Mentor: Daniel Bergman, Biomedical Sciences

Leonard Van Gelder
"The Affect of Acute Static, Dynamic or No Stretching on Agility Performance"
Mentor: Shari Bartz, Movement Science

Kirk Wyatt
"Synthesis of Potential Protein Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors"
Mentors: Lauri Witucki and Felix Ngassa, Chemistry

Sandi Xhumari
"Equal Circle Packing In A Torus"
Mentor: William Dickinson, Mathematics

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