Kait LaPorte


The purpose of this project is to create a performing version of the little known opera, L'Amor Marinaro composed in 1797 by Joseph Weigl.  Popular in its time and for some decades thereafter, the opera inspired many influential and popular composers.  There is a trio in the opera that was the theme of a clarinet trio by Beethoven as well as a violin piece by Paganini.  The newly created version will differ from the original.  Songs that are not important to the plot will be cut and the text will be translated into English.  The reason for the translation is that the audience will be mostly English-speaking people. Being a comic opera, it is important that all the jokes be understood. 

The sources used were a piano/vocal score from the music library of the University of Michigan and a libretto from the University of California at Berkeley.  While both sources were useful, the piano/vocal score did cause some difficulties.  When comparing the libretto and score, we noticed that there were many differences. The finales to acts I and II were missing from the score and there were also some differences in the texts.  To remedy this, we have ordered a full orchestral score on microfilm from the music collection of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.  Because the scores are old, they are difficult to read.  Part of creating the performing version was to transcribe the score into notation software called Finale, providing a neat new score for the performers.  Rehearsals will start at the beginning of the school year and culminate in a performance in March 2007.

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Feurzeig

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