Loretta Lanning

Beethoven's Continental folksong settings were written in 1816. They were called continental because they are a collection of songs from the European mainland, rather than from the British Isles. Although this is not the only collection of settings that Beethoven arranged, these particular settings are different from all the other collections of Beethoven's arrangements in their authenticity, their origins, and the extent to which they reflect to present-day listeners and scholars the cultural stereotypes of the time. Personally chosen by Beethoven, as opposed to the others which were chosen by his editor, these songs and their melodies not only provide a glimpse into Beethoven's wide-ranging personal cultural experience, they also are a catalogue of what types of folk-music were in the public's ear at the time, as these settings include the original texts with the melodies, unlike other collections in circulation. In addition, these folksongs provoke and provide deeper insight into the true origins and nature of what is commonly considered to be folksong, when considering the broad range of origins and styles that are all included in one collection.

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Feurzeig

Page last modified May 13, 2011