Ryan Kruis ACF Abstract FY11

 "A Photovoice Exploration of Religion and Spirituality Among Social Work Students and Practitioners."

International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Conference

Ryan Kruis

This presentation explores a topic of burgeoning interest in the
social work field, spirituality and religion. Many social work programs
address the integration of spirituality and religion into social work
practice in a minimal way. This study employed a photovoice method to
explore eleven social work students’ experiences with spirituality and
religion. This research used commonly accepted aspects of spirituality,
including hope, meaning, and purpose, in assessing participants’
understanding of spirituality. Participants, who generally self-identified
as religious and/ or spiritual, participated in three phases of data
collection. The prompt questions and debriefing processes focused on three
subject matters: participants’ personal spiritual and religious identities,
participants’ experiences within their academic curricula, and how
participants integrate spirituality and religion in social work practice.
This presentation shares the method and responses of this work, which used
photo elicitation in provoking thought and generating discussion around an
abstract and often deeply personal topic.

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