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Rori Hoatlin ACF Abstract FY11

"Modeling the Techniques of Atwood: How to Reveal while Withholding"

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Conference

Rori Hoatlin

When a reader sets out into the worldthe imagined space and time constructed by the author of the text of a novel, they place faith that the writer gives them all the necessary tools to properly navigate the text. The moment a reader delves into that world, a contract is established and that contract must be upheld throughout the entirety of the novel. From here the novel can develop in a variety of ways. One way that stories unfold is by what an author chooses to reveal and what the author chooses to withholdoften done by way of character interaction. But these moments of withholding also perform a peculiar act on the textthey often entail another writerly technique. That is to say that within the technique of withholding, another technique is often found.