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Rebecca Bloem ACF Abstract FY12

"International Ceramic Art Exhibition & Annagama (Wood Kiln) Firing Demonstration"

2011 International Ceramic Symposium in Japan

The GVSU Ceramics program received an invitation to attend the 2011 The ISCAEE (International Society for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange) International Ceramic Art Symposium in Japan. The symposium is one of the largest international ceramic symposia and this year 32 universities from 15 countries were invited to participate in the symposium, including GVSU. Five students will be attending this international event for two weeks to take part in the symposium by exhibiting their work, giving a demonstration, and participating in many activities during the symposium.

PURPOSE: To introduce and share research findings - at an international level - on ceramic forms and ways of expression throughout the history of mankind, as well as on the development of ceramic techniques, from a historical point of view. In addition, we are looking forward to stimulating and internationalizing well-known ceramic production centers in Japan, through the presentation of their ceramic culture and industry.