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Ninive Costa ACF Abstract FY11

"Raising Awareness of ABO and Cross-match Discrepancies in Patients with Multiple Myeloma: A Case Study"

Serving the Profession 24:7-Michigan Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (MSCLS) 2011 Annual Meeting and Exhibits

Ninive Costa, James McCauley, Rebecca Salter

The purpose of this study is to raise awareness of discrepancies in ABO typing and cross-matching in patients with multiple myeloma. In transfusion medicine an ABO discrepancy occurs when the forward typing of a blood group is inconsistent with the reverse typing. A cross-match discrepancy occurs when the plasma or serum of a patient is tested and reacts with a prospective donors red cells. Without the ability to correctly identify ABO blood type and rule out incompatibility, the patient cannot receive a transfusion. The case study being presented demonstrates a multiple myeloma patient whose laboratory results correlate with a cross-match discrepancy. Recognition of such discrepancies can facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency in future laboratory testing of multiple myeloma patients.