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Michael Medonis ACF Abstract FY10

Deep Impact: Integrative Approaches to Sustainability

Conference Name: American Association of Colleges and Universities Annual Conference

This panel discussion will describe multiple interdisciplinary curricular and co-curricular projects that explore the theory and practice of sustainability. Each panel discussant will describe a different initiative at GVSU, all of which engage students in active learning, and many of which were driven by student interest. Sustainability is a field that enables us to practice liberal education with the local community that engages students’ lives. The dire state of the Michigan and US economy combined with the students’ passion for environmental reform have given this work a sense of urgency.  This panel relates to several of the conference themes. The student-driven aspect of these new initiatives and projects, as well as the active learning involved, are examples of high impact deep/learning practices. It also provides examples of civic engagement as an essential aspect of Liberal Education.

The panel will include the following speakers:  Judy Whipps, Liberal Studies/Philosophy; Bart Bartels, Sustainability Initiative; Melissa Baker-Boosamra Liberal Studies; Kirsten Bartels, Liberal Studies and Environmental Studies; and Michael Medonis, Student perspective.