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Matt Weaver ACF Abstract FY10

I Can Use Science Where?

Conference Name: National Science Teachers Association National Conference

This hands-on presentation will allow participants to engage in cross-curricular demonstrations that use a combination of science, math and language arts.  Instead of treating these subjects individually, we will use the solar system to integrate them simultaneously. Science and math go hand in hand; we will demonstrate by using an inquiry based activity involving a scalar model of the solar system using human 'planets.'  The participants will predict how far they should stand from the sun proportional to the actual distance.  Then we will provide an activity showing how far the planets actually should be.  This meets National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards of problem solving and using mathematical models to represent and understand quantitative relationships.  Within the presentation we will also focus on language arts through problem solving.  The participants will use provided informational books to create a 'livable habitat' on another planet, followed by the participant's explanation of why their habitat works.  This activity addresses the National Council of Teachers of English standard requiring students to use a variety of resources to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge.  This presentation will benefit teachers who are looking to better integrate subjects in the classroom.

Kaeleen Sugden (lead presenter) & Matt Weaver