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Matt Ferre ACF Abstract FY10

Mediating in the Streets: Exploring the Intersections of Common Policing and Common Mediation Practices

Conference Name: Midwestern Criminal Justice Association

Managing and resolving interpersonal conflict reflect a common and recurring responsibility for police officers. Research suggests that resolving these responsibilities through traditional policing methods may have situational limitations (Cooper, 1999). Other policing philosophies, including community policing and problem-oriented policing, have also been implemented in law enforcement, but evaluations into their effectiveness has produced mixed results. Notwithstanding attempts to transform policing through these approaches, mediation has been proffered as a viable skill set beneficial to police officers. However, minimal research exists exploring the compatibility of traditional policing practices and the management of conflict through mediation in the field. This research recommends exploratory case study protocol that will assess both the formal and “natural” mediation and conflict resolution practices of officers in the field.