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Lindsay Tryc ACF Abstract FY12

"Facilitating self-reflection: The integration of photovoice in graduate education"

Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

This presentation discusses the integration of a four-phased photovoice assignment in an introductory graduate social work course. Each phase included different prompts exploring social work as a profession, students' values, and interpersonal styles for students new to the field of social work. Upon completion of the assignments, students met in groups of four to discuss their work. This presentation will address the assignment design, thoughts about using a research method as a pedagogical tool, and the inclusion of three of the students who will share their perspectives of the photovoice method and teaching implications. Photovoice demanded that students think creatively and symbolically, rather than completing traditional writing assignments. As instructors we found that the assignments using photovoice challenged students in ways both expected and unforeseen, but ultimately helped them find their voices as they enter a new profession.