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Laura Breen ACF Abstract FY12

"Bridging the Gap: An Exploration of Frustrations Facing Consultations"

Conference Name: 2011 National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing

With a vast number of different learning styles, along with many consulting techniques, personalities and styles, the largest obstacle facing writing consultants is adapting to students needs. The four presentations within this panel will focus on different aspects of consulting and aims to help consultants bridge the gap with students.

Presentation one will identify why students in upper-level, discipline-specific courses may not use the resources writing centers offer. We will use this information to discuss ways that writing centers can potentially better equip themselves to help these students.

Presentation two will report on the collision that occurs when indirect consulting does not match a student's direct-advice expectations, and provide strategies to effectively work in these situations.

Presentation three will examine the different dynamics involved when consultants work with students they know well versus work with students they have just met.

Presentation four will discuss how the dynamics of a typical session are changed when a consultant conducts a session with another consultant.

Participants will be engaged in partner work and group discussion. From this panel, we hope that fellow consultants will learn how to bridge the gap between themselves and the students they are working with during their consultations.