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Krista List-Leinberger ACF Abstract FY12

"'Use of Self': Reflexive Practices in Qualitative Inquiry"

Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Social work embraces 'use of self' as a framework for clinical practice. The notion of use of self, which involves recognition and integration of a social worker’s values, beliefs, and life experiences during the training of social work students and in practice, coincides with the concept of reflexivity in qualitative inquiry. This dialogue will discuss the processes of a graduate social work student and her faculty mentor in data collection and analysis of the highly personal and subjective experiences a photovoice study of religious and spiritual identities of social work students. After the graduate assistant joined this ongoing project, she wrestled with making sense of the narratives of peers and delving into her personal and professional values. This paper addresses the ‘use of self’ concept and lessons learned during this endeavor.