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Kelly Trisch ACF Abstract FY12

"Childhood Memories"

2012 Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference: Intimacy and Voyeurism: The Public/Private Divide in Photography

Childhood Memories, the title of my thesis work, is a recreation of memories that have remained with me from as long ago as age three to as recent as two years ago. Starting with my first memory, I am photographing children that look similar to the way I did at that age. They will reenact my memories as I photograph them.

Although capturing memories is the main goal for many who photograph, I have noticed that many of the memories that I can recollect are not photograph ones. Being said, this is the main focus and goal of my thesis. Although it will be known to myself and others that I am not the one in many of the photographs, the memories are unique to myself and could have only been mine.

Memories are fleeting, and one of my fears is losing these memories as I grow older. I have been collecting memories as I go on through this process, not only from my own recollection but also of family members to gain a better perspective on how the events may have actually played out.

Many memories I have forgotten, especially memories containing loved ones that have passed. Recreating these will be the most difficult, however these are the most important one s for me to recreate. The people who I can no longer share my memories with are incredibly important to me, and I will also honor them in my photographs.