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Kaitlyn Driza ACF Abstract FY10

Forging the Missing Link between Sustainability and Green Chemistry

Conference Name: Spring 2010/239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

The term “green” is emerging as a hot new keyword in many settings, yet green chemistry is rarely discussed. It is often associated with sustainability, a popular subject throughout college campuses. However, the principles of green chemistry are often not included in chemistry teaching. There is a vital link missing, between green chemistry and sustainability.

This project forges that missing link through presenting the science of sustainability in terms that appeal to students and can be easily understood, while promoting green chemistry within Grand Valley State University (GVSU). One direction of our approach is ascertaining the general understanding of student knowledge of green chemistry through a campus-wide survey. The other is to link green chemistry with sustainability activities happening on campus via websites and mutual involvement of student clubs.  Results that benefit GVSU’s commitment to sustainability and lessons learned from this project will be presented.