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Joseph Grit ACF Abstract FY12

"Can we improve research experiences to better address nature of science concepts?"

243rd American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring 2012 National Meeting

According to the NSTA position statement regarding the Nature of Science (NOS), all those involved with science teaching and learning should have a common, accurate view of NOS. As NOS deals with how scientific knowledge is constructed, a research experience, where participants are involved in constructing scientific knowledge, can be viewed as imperative for developing a sound understanding of NOS. Our study examines the effects of a research experience for teachers, which is part of the Target Inquiry professional development program, on teachers views of NOS, and compares teachers views to those of experts, the science research mentors. Participants NOS views were measured using the VNOS-B form as well as the Thinking About Science Survey. This poster will report the study findings as well as discuss some simple instructional modifications or activities that can be used in conjunction with the research experience that may enhance constructive changes to NOS views.