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Joe Cox ACF Abstract FY12

"Canvas Credeaux, Winston"

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 3

My specialty in the realm of acting is over-the-top physical comedy. I was nominated for my role in The Braggart Soldier, during which I was praised for my ability to have cartoonishly high levels of energy and extreme physicality. I even had to go so far as to actually impersonate Bugs Bunny at times, which is quite possibly one of the most energetic and physical characters in existence. I plan on keeping my performances at ACTF in line with my abilities. I've picked three scenes to showcase at the Irene Ryan competition, that are highly dramatic and use large physicality. My first scene is fight between the couple Winston and Amelia from Canvas Credeaux, this is a dramatic scene and will allow me to showcase large but realistic gestures. My second Scene is from Our Lady of 121st St, and is a serio comic piece which contrasts the first. This piece uses much smaller physicality but high vocal energy to convey the relationship between the characters of Norca and her husband. The final piece I will present at the competition is a comedic take on the bastard Edmund from Shakespeare's King Lear. This scene more than any of the others will allow me to showcase my comedic talent in combination with my energy and physicality. I plan on using these scenes to showcase the experience I've gained from my time at GVSU.