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Jessica Miller and Lindsay Stoyka ACF Abstract FY13

"I Demand Euphoria! When Good Isn't Good Enough: Felt Sense in the Writing Center"

National Conference of Peer Tutoring in Writing

The theory of felt sense challenges the practice of tutoring on writing as a product, refocusing the central concern of the tutorial on students interactions with their pieces. Felt sense is the bodily sensation that writers experience throughout the writing process that guides their writing decisions. Based on our findings, we will offer new tutoring techniques and strategies that will allow consultants to better aid students in developing a felt sense in their writing processes. Beginning with the pioneering research of Sondra Perl, we will transition into our primary research findings, which are drawn from personal interviews with professional writers from Grand Valley State University and observations of consultations within the Frederik Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors.After presenting our research, we will hold an open discussion for participants to share their experiences with felt sense while also allowing time for them to ask us any questions. We will also provide them with a handout of the tutoring techniques and strategies we discovered to leave them with ways our research can be used practically within their own writing centers. We hope participants will leave this session with a strong understanding of felt sense theory and applicable, engaging strategies for guiding student writers to develop a felt sense for their writing process.