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Jessica Miller ACF Abstract FY12

"Man v. Thesis: Surviving consultations with entry level composition students who have misplaced theses"

Conference Name: 2011 National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing

Jessie Miller and Hollie McDonald

In entry level composition classes, students struggling with their thesis and organization of their paper actually have an identifiable thesisthey just dont know it. Their thesis is almost always a culmination of ideas found in their conclusion. The question that faces writing consultants is how to appropriately address this issue in consultations. Should they take a more direct approach or should they have the students attempt to find it themselves? We have found that there are many different ways to address this issue, which we will explore through surveying professors and writing consultants around the nation, as well as observing writing consultations within our the Fred Meijer Writing Center at Grand Valley State University. We will then compile the data that provides fellow consultants with tools on how to handle this within tutoring and use that to drive discussion amongst the participants of this presentation. We will break people up into groups and have them look at sample papers, some with the thesis in the intro and some with it in the conclusion and have consultants compare the effectiveness of the tools we presented. We will then rejoin and discuss the responses together.