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Jessica Caron ACF Abstract FY11

"Portfolio Reviews for my Thesis Project titled Definition: Happiness"

Science, Poetry and the Photographic Image 48th Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference

Jessica Caron

My purpose for presenting my work at the conference is to continue to improve my ideas and to gain exposure. I am in need of many portfolio reviews and critiques to develop my piece into a substantial body of photographic work. For the piece Definition: Happiness, my artist statement reads:

Within this series of images, I am exploring a universal question: what is the definition of happiness? I have begun a photographic study on defining this notion by asking people for their personal explanation of happiness. Their attitudes establish the relationship they have created with the world around them, which can be seen in their answers and environments. Using the individual surroundings of these people as backdrops for my photographs, I am visually illustrating how happiness can be defined.

Through my thesis semester, I discovered this project as my life's work. My long-term goals are to continue to travel and one day publish my images into a book. This body of work is also a great start to help me get into graduate school so I can fulfill another long-term goal of mine, which is teaching.

Not only will portfolio reviews with established artists help improve my work technically and conceptually, but it may spark the interest of my peers in the photography community, helping me achieve my long-term goals.