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Heather Brown ACF Abstract FY12

"Crimes of the Heart Stage Management Prompt Book"

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 3

The prompt book is a vital part of my stage manager presentation. It contains everything I used in order to organize the production and this is what will be presented at the conference and judged accordingly. If funded to go I will be able to see how other stage managers organize all their important documents and other aspects of the presentation. The production stage manager is responsible for recording events, organizing schedules and every aspect of the show, documenting blocking (actor movement) for the director from the early processes of auditions all the way down to the last performance. I created rehearsal reports, production meeting reports, performance reports, schedules for rehearsal, I organized cast and crew contact lists, medical forms, I kept records of set design, sound design, costume design, prop design and light design in case anyone needed to know any aspect of the production, I wrote up pre-show, post-show and intermission check lists for all aspects of the technical jobs needed to be completed before, during and after the show to guarantee it ran smoothly. These were just a few of the jobs I did for this performance and the judges at the conference will be looking how I organized each aspect of the production from the master cue list of all the cues I had to call to run the show, such as lights and sound, down to how I organized rehearsals and auditions. There will also be a question and answer session so they can see how I managed to succeed past any challenges I faced, such as the troubles I endured with my production team to procure a permit to allow smoking of herbal cigarettes onstage, how this needed to be related and advertised through public relations and advertisement and what precautions I needed to take because the show included a potential fire hazard onstage. These are a few of the many things included in my prompt book to be presented at the conference.