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Esther Posner and James Barr ACF Abstract FY10

Determination of Paleolatitude of the Mississippian Michigan Formation: Jackson, Michigan

Conference Name: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

We measured detrital remanant magnetism induced by a past magnetic field(s) within shale units of the Mississippian Michigan Formation. One inch cubes were cut from a core from a borehole in Jackson, Michigan, and tested using a spinner magnetometer and alternating field demagnetization. We used a spinner magnetometer to infer paleolatitude and to test our hypothesis of detrital remanent magnetism (induced during deposition) as the carrier of remanent magnetism. Data collected from a suite of samples show a paleo-inclination (dip) of -11.9° ± 46° which corresponds to a paleolatitude of approximately 6° south of the equator. A secondary overprint of magnetism shows an inclination of 67.9° which translates to a modern latitude of 51° North.

Esther S. Posner , James L. Buzzell, James G. Barr III, Stephen A. Zdan