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Erik Greene ACF Abstract FY10

"Applied Entrepreneurialism in a Communication Program: A Case Study in Green Internships"

Conference Name: Intellectbase International Consortium Academic Conference

In this article, the authors assess the use of a green startup business in providing internships for a communications program at a regional Midwestern university. Their experience in the use of an entrepreneurial startup internship as part of the requirement for an integrated advertising/public relations major program revealed five faculty/student assessment outcomes in this undergraduate setting: institutional commitment to entrepreneurship and sustainability, establishing the pedagogical legitimacy of entrepreneurial learning, faculty involvement, faculty motivation, student selection of assignments and evaluation. Their results indicate that entrepreneurship assignments provide a unique opportunity for education in a communications program while helping to promote the University’s goals of relevant sustainable practices. With this article, the authors try to explain the anticipated outcomes using the experience in placing interns as part of the requirement for an integrated advertising/public relations program. Being an individual case, communication instructors are directed to use the information considering the limitations of this qualitative study. For this paper, applied entrepreneurialism is defined as independent study experience where students engaged in sustainability activities via a course experience for credit that includes both elements of entrepreneurship, a focused application of communications skills and an increased regard for the relationship between economy and environment.