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Emrie Carlton ACF Abstract FY12

"A Series on Dialogue"

16th Annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

A critique on dialogue as it pertains to education, democracy, development, and the emergence of a new global worldview, my research stems from the humanities and philosophy of morality, education, and integration. Addressing questions of what it means to undergo a transformation of value and reappropriation of tradition as means for civic engagement and understanding of self, through engaging in dialogue. This research is rooted in a class titled Dialogue, Integration and Action in which rigorous inquiry was conducted on dialogue as means for the locus of transformation to a new worldview, with colleagues such as Tu Weiming, Stephen C. Rowe, Michael Sandel, Amartya Sen, and Martin Luther King, Jr. This topic has provided me with a solid foundation as I am continuing research in this field with a shift toward interfaith dialogue and understanding.