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Deborah Grebenok ACF Abstract FY11

"The Feasibility of Using C&S Preservative Tubes for Routine Urinalysis"

Michigan Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (MSCLS) 2011-Serving the Profession 24/7

Deborah Grebenok, Sani Jahic, Elise Kane

Studies have been performed on the use of preservatives with routine urinalysis. There has been some conflicting data from these experiments on the usability of preservatives with a urinalysis. Our study will provide additional information to whether or not C&S preservatives affect the urinalysis results. We will be using de-identified pre-existing urine specimens. Fifty specimens will be divided into two sets of storage techniques- urine cups without preservative but refrigerated, and C&S preservative tubes at room temperature. The random samples will be run through the urine analyzers, the AX 4280 and the IQ-200, supported by the IRIS software. The resulting data will help determine if urines in C&S preservatives give comparable results to refrigerated urines. If C&S preservatives can be used in place of refrigerated urines, this will provide a means for hospitals, clinics, and doctor offices to perform a routine urinalysis on specimens sent to them from afar.