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Cheng Tan ACF Abstract FY12

"Evolution of Photography and Advertising: How They Impacted Society"

3nd Globalization Symposium: Globalization of Knowledge: Economics, Ecology, and Humanities

Photography is one of the most useful and persuasive technologies ever invented in our world. Photographers can capture images that can still preserve the essence of reality in it. Photography can capture images that hold memories for us, and when we look back at it, it gives us a sense of nostalgia. For this reason, we can be persuaded by photographs because of the connections it can present to us. Advertisement is also similar to photography. It also has a strong influential concept that can attract and persuade consumers. Advertising is a form of communication that allows companies to persuade us into buying their products, ideas, and services. Photography in advertising is a powerful duo and is an important tool that many corporations use to lure in consumers. People are not always aware of the emotional and nostalgic connection that a photograph can give us because they are surrounded by advertisements and commercials. Companies use photography in their advertisements to persuade us to buy their products and tell us what we should and should not do. Big corporate companies also like to target younger generation people because they are easier to influence. Photography in advertisement has a big impact on our society, without photography, corporations may not be as successful in connecting with their audiences. We may not see it as essential, but photography in advertisement is very influential to us as a society. Photography together with advertisement is more powerful, persuasive, emotional, and meaningful, than advertisement without photography; commercial advertisement would never be successful in persuading society to buy their items or ideas if they didnt use photographs.