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Chaz Albright ACF Abstract FY12

"Bard To Go-Traveling Theatre as a Cultural Connector"

Conference Name: Shakespeare in Paradise Festival

A 6 day visit to Nassau, the Bahamas, in order to promote a cultural and educational dialogue in the theatre area. As a part of this exchange my fellow actors and I would perform "Lovestruck" a 50-minute professional-quality touring play comprised of various Shakespearean scenes based on the theme of magical enchantment; this piece is the 2011 Bard to Go production of the Grand Valley Shakespearean Festival, and will play to over 1200 students in Michigan in the fall of 2011. As part of this exchange we will be videotaping our experience. The videographer is a film and video major at Grand Valley and this project is going to be her senior thesis project. Based on our experience with previous international tours, we hope to offer approximately three performances in local secondary schools, and two performances at the Festival. In addition to these performances, the 8 students who would be traveling on this exchange would be interested in participating in the Festival activities, including workshops and viewing international theatre productions. Our participation in this Festival would benefit everyone involved by making valuable connections and working relationships abroad, as well as sharing the beautiful gift of Shakespeare in a fun, interactive, and educational format with the children of another culture.