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Casey Huegel ACF Abstract FY10

An Analysis of Historic Ceramics at Indian Landing Site 20BA02 in Hastings, MI

Conference Name: Midwest Conference on Historical Archaeology

This report is an analysis of the ceramic assemblage excavated from Indian Landing site (20BA02) in Hastings, MI. The artifacts collected are associated with a mid nineteenth century log cabin which transferred ownership on multiple occasions throughout its existence. Originally built in 1850 to function as a schoolhouse for Indian Mission School District No. 5, the property was later sold by local Native Americans to Europeans in 1855, and became a permanent residence. The primary goals of this research are to determine the socioeconomic status of the occupants and give further insight into the cabins primary occupation dates. This will be done by examination of ware type, decoration, and form to create a general distribution of the ceramic assemblage. Further analysis will classify the earthen wares into four levels of economic significance as recommended by George Miller in his article Classification and Economic Scaling of Mid-Nineteenth Century Ceramics. This mode of classification presents a detailed representation of social class based on common earthen wares; an effective tool when studying the settlers of the rural Midwest.

Co-Presenter - Dr. Dale Borders