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Brynhild Weihe ACF Abstract FY12

"Bard to Go-traveling theatre as a cultural connector"

Conference Name: Shakespeare in Paradise Festival

Bard to Go, a touring Shakespearean theatre program from GVSU, has been invited to the Shakespeare in Paradie Festival, and we would like to travel there and perform for them.
The Festival takes place in Nassau, the Bahamas, and we will be there for six days, promoting an educational and cultural experience in theatre. Currently we are working on a play called "Lovestruck", which is a 50-minute compilation of Shakespeare touring play. The scenes are from various Shakespeare plays, and they all share the same themes; magical enchantment and love. This year, 2011, we will be touring around Michigan with our play, performing for over 1200 students during the fall. This entire experience will be recorded by a Grand Valley film and video major, and it will be her senior project.

Based on previous international Bard to Go experience, we will most likely perform twice at the Festival, and three times in the local schools. In addition to all of that, we (the eight students) would like to participate in the Festival activities, which will include workshops and watching other international theatre productions.