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Audrey Rosenau ACF Abstract FY12

"Sharing the Caribbean Slavery Experience-The Caribbean Heritage Tourism Project"

Conference Name: International Conference on Business, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Many tourists want to experience the unique heritage of place (Nicholls, Vogt and Hyun Jun, 2004). Destinations have the opportunity to showcase the elements of heritage and culture as it is these that make each destination unique (Timothy and Boyd, 2006). National tourism organizations (NTO) are destination marketing agencies which promote the unique tourism experience and attraction of each destination (Webster and Ivanov; 2007). The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is the regional agency responsible for among other things, the marketing of the Caribbean region globally in conjunction with the NTOs.

Content analysis (Amaquandoh and Brown, (2008); Chen, Kerstetter and Graefe (2001)) is a research technique whereby materials are analyzed and key themes extracted and compiled from documents/webpages. The 33 websites from the CTO member NTOs were subjected to content analysis. This analysis categorized the findings into the built, natural and cultural heritage; entertainment; and other attractions. These attractions are further analyzed to determine the number and proportion that reflect the vestiges of slavery and the heritage that this economic, social and political system produced.

All 33 Caribbean countries researched experienced the institution of slavery and this project demonstrates that few tourist attractions showcase and interpret this fundamental experience. Based on these findings it is the purpose of this presentation to stimulate discussion on a regional, Caribbean Heritage Tourism project, which develops and presents the slave heritage of the Caribbean region.