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Ashley Meyers ACF Abstract FY12

"In the Attic"

2012 Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference: Intimacy and Voyeurism: The Public/Private Divide in Photography

This series began with an unintentional recording of the subconscious. In the beginning of the series I had intention to distract my mind from the loneliness I felt while my partner was away on a three week hiking trip but as with much of life nothing goes as expected. Before starting the series I had come into contact with the work of Francesca Woodman and was inspired by the expressive power of her photographs. Woodmans work is challenging and disorienting all the while emphasizing the role of the female body and bringing the viewer closer to the issue of intimacy. She does this with admirable logic and full of energy, in Virginia Woolfs words, like a storm that rushes across everything and tries to free the power of things.

As I drew inspiration from Woodmans work I began to find a niche in the world for my own work. To be honest this series is not meant for an audience, rather it is meant for me. I would consider the work more as an encrypted visual diary. These photographs have forced me to tap into my subconscious to deal with issues Ive buried deep within my being.

This portfolio deals with exploring the relationship between self and architectural space. The attic in our apartment became more of a meditative space than a storage area for empty boxes and dust. During this time period the attic provided me the opportunity to freely express my emotions; it was as if I were performing for the camera, a melancholy dance for an audience of one.

The process behind the creation of my work is minimal. When shooting I use a tripod, my camera, the self-timer on my camera and the natural lighting available. I shot in traditional black and white silver and processed my own film and printed the photographs myself.