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Amanda Fedewa ACF Abstract FY12

"Evolution of Photography and Advertising: How They Impacted Society"

3nd Globalization Symposium: Globalization of Knowledge: Economics, Ecology, and Humanities

Within the last few decades there have been increased attempts to fight human trafficking. Many non government organizations have formed in order to battle human trafficking and to educate people affected by human trafficking. However, instead of the human trafficking problem decreasing, it is exponentially increasing due to globalization. Many countries around the world are now interconnected through the vast movement of globalization. Globalization has increased the trades of goods and services throughout the world and while this can help improve the lives of people, it can also hurt people. The people responsible for human trafficking will have the knowledge and expertise of globalization that makes human trafficking possible. In addition, not having the knowledge of globalization is what makes humans vulnerable to human trafficking. By increasing the knowledge of globalization to vulnerable humans, we can help prevent people from being caught in the human trafficking ring. Plus, by using this knowledge of globalization, we can also arrest the people who are committing these horrible crimes. This article will examine the affects that knowledge of globalization has on human trafficking.