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Allison Thoa Nguyen ACF Abstract FY12

"Evolution of Photography and Advertising: How They Impacted Society"

3nd Globalization Symposium: Globalization of Knowledge: Economics, Ecology, and Humanities

Statistics show there are 1 billion users use the internet every month and the largest percentage of internet users is Asian, which made up 36% of the worldwide internet users. The fast growing pace of the internet gives many opportunities for businesses and individuals to expand their investments and especially online trading became significance in peoples lives. Trading was difficult before internet was invented due to lack of knowledge and technology inefficiency. People had to be present at numerous locations to trade and limited access to information sources caused the trading world to be narrow. Now with the transition to online trading, trade is unlimited and the internet gives many good sources of information for people to seek and better educating themselves when it comes to trade. Even trading is easier to obtain in todays world, but it has many pros and cons. The pros are unlimited online resources, faster trading time, easier to join, more control, and less discrimination. The cons are cant discriminate between false and true online facts, too much information can be overwhelm, lack of having a good investment plan due to not having a broker, and have an untrustworthy broker because of no face to face interaction since everything is done online. Disregard of all these cons, in todays world, online trading has become a trend.