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ACF 2009 October - December Presentations

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Jessica Bacon

  • “(e)Racing Cervical Cancer: Analyzing Visual Representations of Gardasil”
  • Conference Name: Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) 2009

Adam Cuthbert, Tyler Smith, Jake Isaacson, Ashlee Busch, Karel Lill, Devin Starr, Blair Hotz, and William Willits

  • “In C Remixed”
  • Performance: Le poisson Rouge

MaryBeth Deiters

  • “Paradoxes and Pitfalls of the International Criminal Court: Africa in the Circuit of ICC Justice”
  • Conference Name: Celebrating Change, Defining the Future: Social Justice, Democracy and Cultural Renewal

Andrew DeWitt

  • “Seasonal Substrate Temperature Anomalies At Sand Creek, Aman Park, Ottawa County, Michigan”
  • Conference Name: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Amy Disselkoen and Alyssa Jewell

  • “English Proficiency for Immigrant Women – At What Cost?”
  • Conference Name: Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MITESOL) Conference Transforming Learning: Teaching and Advocacy

Nicholas Ettema

  • “Metabolism as an indicator of river ecosystem health: a case study on the Little Susitna River, Alaska”
  • Conference Name: Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference

Alain Giraud

  • “Trelleborg Automotive: A Growth Initiative Decision”
  • Conference Name: North American Case Research Association

Casey Huegel

  • “An Analysis of Historic Ceramics at Indian Landing Site 20BA02 in Hastings, MI”
  • Conference Name: Midwest Conference on Historical Archaeology

Darcy Kaufman

  • “Nato3 is Sufficient to Promote Ectopic Floor Plate Marker Expression in the Rostral Neural Tube of the Gallus Gallus Embryo"
  • Conference Name: American Society for Cell Biology Annual Conference

John Lelli

  • “Multiple possible protective mechanisms associated with the alpha7 nAChR in pig retina: Agonist, modulator & feedback mechanisms”
  • Conference Name: Neuroscience 2009

Negin Nadvar

  • “Compared to In Vivo, Isolated Hearts Respond Differently to Acetylcholine after Reperfusion Injury”
  • Conference Name: Biomedical Engineering Society 2009 (BMES)

Luan Nguyen

  • “Energy distribution in the triplet channels of ozone photodissociation”
  • Conference Name: 2009 Symposium on Chemical Physics

Kristina Persenaire

  • “The Wisdom of Bumper Stickers: ‘Celebrate Diversity’ vs. ‘One World, One Love’; The Ramifications of an Ideological Paradigm Shift from the Universal to the Specific”
  • Conference Name: Midwest Popular Culture Association

Esther Posner and James Barr

  • “Determination of Paleolatitude of the Mississippian Michigan Formation: Jackson, Michigan”
  • Conference Name: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Patrick Prominski

  • "The Problem with Faith: Autism in Hope Leslie"
  • Conference Name: Midwest Popular Culture Conference

Samantha Seaberg

  • “Characterizing the Cellular Regulation of the Diaphanous-related Formin, mDia3, by Expression of the Constitutively Active Full-length Protein”
  • Conference:  American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) 49th Annual Meeting

Melissa Vegter

  • “Capital Vehicle Systems: An Exploration in Lean Manufacturing”
  • Conference Name: 2009 Annual Meeting of the North American Case Research Assoc.

Charla Waeiss

  • “Transitional Justice: The Russian Problem and German Solutions”
  • Conference Name: ISA-Midwest (Central Slavic Conference)