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ACF 2009 July - September Presentations

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Neil Biegalle

  • “The Extremality of Bernstein Polynomials”
  • Conference Name: MathFest 2009

Wyatt Brege

  • “Symmetry Analysis of the Lane-Emden Equation”
  • Conference Name: MathFest 2009

J.P. Cohan, Timothy Kelch, Jennifer Lechy, and Nick Stockero

  • “Change in Economic System Leads to a New Hope”
  • Conference Name: Globalization and the Challenge of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Samantha Dahlberg

  • “On Proofs of Summation Identities”
  • Conference Name: MathFest 2009

Matt Ferre

  • “Mediating in the Streets: Exploring the Intersections of Common Policing and Common Mediation Practices”
  • Conference Name: Midwestern Criminal Justice Association

Sharon Gardner

  • “Student Conference Attendance: Bridging the Gap between School and the Professional World”
  • Conference Name: Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning

Kyle Golenbiewski

  • “Modeling Nonseparable Preferences in Referendum Elections”
  • Conference Name: MathFest 2009

Tarah Jensen

  • “Extreme Curvature of Polynomials”
  • Conference Name: MathFest 2009

Jesse Lincoln

  • Ailanthus altissima increases nodulation in Trifolium pratense: A novel weapon for an invasive species”
  • Conference Name: Botany & Mycology 2009 (Botanical Society of America)

Sheila Miara, Rebecca Norris, and Angela Larsen

  • “Impacts of Savannah Restoration on Small Mammal Density and Diversity in West Michigan”
  • Conference Name: The Annual Wildlife Society Conference

Sean Townshend and Meghan Gallaway

  • “Societal and Personal Views of Criteria for Adulthood: A Cross-National Comparison”
  • Conference Name: The 14th European Conference on Developmental Psychology

Sandi Xhumari

  • “Generating Functions and their applications”
  • Conference Name: MathFest